• Carly Klassen - YEG Me about the Alberta Music scene

    There is music….and then there is Alberta music! It was great to sit down with Carly Klassen, the Executive Director of Alberta Music on the YEG Me podcast.
  • Teresa Spinelli - YEG Me about the family business

    It was great to sit down with Teresa Spinelli from the Italian Centre. As President of the Italian Centre, she leads a team of over 500 staff with 3 locations in Edmonton and 1 in Calgary. 
  • Stephen Bourdeau - YEG ME about Marathons and events

    As the current GM for the World Triathlon Series Edmonton, he’s been a staple in the event business for 20 years with experience with the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and more!
  • Rick Harvey - YEG Me about Edmonton Mentorship

    Meet Rick Harvey. One on one chat with one the mentors in my life. He’s left his mark on the leadership community of Edmonton and we were thrilled to have him on the YEG Me podcast.

  • Allan Mott - YEG Me some B-Movie gold

    So much fun to have local Edmontonian Allan join us to talk about his writing career and creative touch points in our community. To go along with his passion for B-Movies, he’s a book writer too!

  • Dave Jamieson - YEG Me some Edmonton sports stories

    Dave's a former producer, broadcaster and program director. He most recently spent 14 years as the Edmonton Eskimos Director of Marketing, Communications and Broadcast as well as President of the Edmonton Rush and now lives on the radio dial of TSN 1260.

  • Kyle Dube - YEG Me about getting Edmonton youth out of harms way

    Let’s chat with Kyle Dube, the Executive Director of Youcan Youth Services in Edmonton. 

    An Edmonton champion focused on social justice and moving the city’s youth out of harms way. 

  • Terry Jones - YEG Me some stories from Edmonton's most prolific sports writer

    Edmonton’s most prolific sports columnist, Terry Jones came by to chat about Edmonton sports and more for the YEG Me podcast. He shares a great story about how he got into the writing business and shared his radio DJ talents.... TJ the DJ! 
  • Marty Forbes - YEG Me about 50 years of radio

    Marty Forbes was our guest on YEG Me the podcast. He’s part of radio royalty in the Edmonton market and has touched a significant number of radio stations across Canada during his media career. Join us as we chat with Marty!

  • Chris Wynters - YEG Me about Captain Tractor, Interstellar Rodeo and more

    So much fun sitting down with Chris Wynters. The lead man of Captain Tractor, local champion of music in Alberta and involved in so many other cool things like Interstellar Rodeo and the Junos! 
  • Brian Flowers - YEG Me all about board games and the cafe scene

    He started the Table Top Cafe from scratch, built on a passion for board games. We discussed the challenges he went through and some great advice he has for anyone considering starting their own business. 
  • Doreen Slessor - YEG Me about Dogs with Wings and what that is all about

    Time well spent with Doreen Slessor! The Executive Director of the Dogs With Wings Assistance Society. She is a champion of fundraising, marketing, and community outreach.