• Joanne Fedeyko - YEG Me about San Francisco and Edmonton

    Joanne Fedeyko joined us recently on the YEG Me podcast. Straight from the SFO (San Francisco), Joanne brings us her stories of her many, many Edmonton, Alberta and Canadian connections. 
  • Sandra Marocco - YEG Me about industry and partnerships

    It was great to chat one on one with Sandra Marocco, the Vice President of Industry Partnerships and Chief Marketing Officer at NAIT.  She is a true Edmonton champion when it comes to building industry partnerships and so much more.

  • Jeff Tetz - YEG Me about results and leadership

    Jeff Tetz, a Partner at Results Canada, is passionate about inspiring people to build great companies. He joined Results in 2011 to lead the Edmonton expansion and has since seen the firm grow into one of Western Canada’s fastest growing boutique consulting firms. 
  • Curtis Stock - YEG Me about the horses

    It was so nice to sit down with Curtis Stock recently. He is a Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame inductee and is a writer for the Edmonton Journal and Horse Racing Alberta.
  • Sheyanne Levall-Crouse - YEG me about STARS air ambulance

    Say hello to Sheyanne Levall-Crouse. She is the Development officer of Events for STARS Air ambulance. She is very experienced in event promotions and has a long history of working in the world of fundraising.

  • Mack Male - YEG Me about Taproot Edmonton

    Mack Male is one of the co-founders of Taproot Edmonton. Taproot Edmonton is a source of curiosity-driven stories about our city, cultivated by the community. They're goal is to provide great local journalism.
  • Doug McLean - YEG Me about Edmonton Tourism

    Doug is the Director of Events with Edmonton Tourism and shares some great stories of what’s happening in Edmonton’s event world. He is also heavily involved in University Sports.
  • Pam Kirby - YEG Me about being a Bear DJ

    So much fun sitting down with Pam Kirby for the YEG Me podcast. Pam is the evening host at 100.3 the Bear where you can listen to her from 7pm to midnight through the week. 
  • Carly Klassen - YEG Me about the Alberta Music scene

    There is music….and then there is Alberta music! It was great to sit down with Carly Klassen, the Executive Director of Alberta Music on the YEG Me podcast.
  • Teresa Spinelli - YEG Me about the family business

    It was great to sit down with Teresa Spinelli from the Italian Centre. As President of the Italian Centre, she leads a team of over 500 staff with 3 locations in Edmonton and 1 in Calgary. 
  • Stephen Bourdeau - YEG ME about Marathons and events

    As the current GM for the World Triathlon Series Edmonton, he’s been a staple in the event business for 20 years with experience with the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and more!
  • Rick Harvey - YEG Me about Edmonton Mentorship

    Meet Rick Harvey. One on one chat with one the mentors in my life. He’s left his mark on the leadership community of Edmonton and we were thrilled to have him on the YEG Me podcast.